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Cross-Media Marketing: Taking Direct Mail to the Next Level

The progressive innovations today launch numerous doors of company chances for desperate online marketers and entrepreneur in reaching more customers to be thinking about their company brand and offers. When incorporated with a well created online marketing technique in producing natural leads that are feasible and helpful to company development, a direct mail might be an efficient marketing device.

It is not unexpected to keep in mind the enhancing innovative methods of marketing utilized by aggressive online marketers making use of the very best of innovations. A well developed marketing mix might consist of possible “conventional” direct-mail advertising marketing which might add healthy varieties of capacity causes business.

This consists of incorporating blog sites, short article directory sites, social networks websites, internet search engine and lots of other sites and platforms that might be important to a company’s success using cross-media marketing.

Cross-Media Marketing

Cross-media marketing is ending up being increasingly more popular as it incorporates several marketing channels in performing a more efficient marketing project with a certain target market. Such marketing applications are extremely reliable as they cover a great deal of scope for business in regards to greater capacity leads and sales.

There are specific essential distinctions in between cross-media marketing and traditional direct-mail advertising marketing albeit lots of resemblances.

Direct mail marketing is individualized about each recipient with certain name and address as well as URL to direct the recipient to an individual landing page. There is an individual interaction with receivers who are directed to a suitable landing page with quality material.

Direct-mail advertising on cross-media marketing provides a range of alternatives for measurability and tracking of reaction rates. There would be suitable reports to expose the status of every marketing project that would contribute in establishing future effective projects.

A great deal of advantages might come through cross-media marketing that would benefit business and online marketer.

1) Clearer Targets for Business

Cross-media marketing is really vibrant in targeting a recognized audience or sectors of it to benefit business. Direct-mail advertising marketing might be integrated to provide tailored mails to this recognized segmented group with pURL and QR codes leading the receivers to their tailored landing pages straight.

The marketing efforts would be more effective and concentrated without losing unneeded time and effort on unenthusiastic leads for a certain item or service promoted. Faster outcomes might be protected with more appealing ROIs that please online marketers based upon the expense sustained.

2) Trustworthy and Accurate Tracking

Cross-media marketing with direct-mail advertising provides marketing outcomes that might be easily kept an eye on and tracked in genuine time to offer precise info about the marketplace and the success of the marketing project. Comprehensive details about every visitor to the site is caught and looked at, consisting of page visits and link clicks with opt-in and study reactions if carried out.

Direct-mail advertising in cross-media marketing steps reactions on every marketing project to comprehend the effective aspects that might be used to future projects to take pleasure in greater success.

3) Flexible Marketing Options

There is a greater versatility with direct-mail advertising marketing that might engage a multipage pamphlet or a basic postcard. Several project stages might be executed to the very same targeted specific niche markets by means of cross-media platforms.

Such a marketing technique shows to be promoting and fascinating to the target market with arise from earlier stages to benefit subsequent stages. This would enable improvements to subsequent marketing methods to be tweaked for greater enhancements. Various direct-mail advertising parts might be sent to in a different way directed sections for screening reaction rates on print media types.

4) Costing and Budget Management

Direct-mail advertisings in cross-media marketing strategies might be traced and tracked for much better responsibility in expense and ROIs. Online marketers would be notified of the variety of mails sent with an accurate expense of each mail and the variety of reactions from targeted receivers.

These marketing figures enable online marketers a more precise ROI analysis from any marketing project to enhance company profits easily besides making sure a close watch on the marketing budget plan.

5) Boosted Print Elements

It is not unexpected that direct-mail advertisings would move forward through cross-media marketing as print innovation enhances with vibrant print options such as sophisticated print methods and software application.

A well prepared print and digital marketing project takes pleasure in easier and much cheaper marketing tools that induce greater ROIs that please companies. Conventional printers who get on the cross-media bandwagon quicker would conquer the obstacle with the most recent innovations easily offered.

Effective Cross-Media Marketing Project

The crucial aspect of an effective cross-media marketing project surely is organization of the lists which have to be precise and targeted, even if segmented. Landing pages should consist of call to action functions such as sign-up types or opt-in choices for web visitors to be on business newsletter as consenting customers.

Making use of an auto-responder system would be a plus point for effective cross-media marketing with direct-mail advertisings updated where an organized follow-up is carried out for each opt-in customer. Analytical reports of every marketing project are examined for enhancements on future marketing projects.

When incorporated with proper digital channels, direct mail holds a popular position in direct marketing with a high hand on printed marketing interactions that might improve ROIs. Customer reactions and sales conversion rates enhance enough to benefit companies in protecting their market positions. When printed direct mail integrates efficiently with well created e-mails and customized web pages (PURLs) as well as emerging mobile aspects, this takes place.


Cross-media marketing with direct-mail advertisings integrated shows to be a vital marketing device for any aggressive Web online marketer to delight in greater returns by means of innovative incorporated marketing innovation.

Standard printers who accept innovative innovations to place direct-mail advertising marketing even more in today’s aggressive marketing patterns would be forming the international market with a synergy that prefer both companies and customers.

Building a Profitable Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate Marketing is a relatively newer concept. People are keen to understand it in detail. The following article is designed to give you a clearer idea on what Affiliate Marketing is. We shall cover key points like -

I. What exactly is Affiliate Marketing
ii. Doing Market Research and finding the right niche
iii. Building your online presence
iv. Generating Leads and bringing in the Traffic
v. Building your List
vi. Optimizing to maximize profits

From the Author

I have always emphasized the importance of a strong online presence. The Internet Marketing opportunities have helped people get rid of the 9-5 lifestyle and help them earn double the income, but out dating algorithms make it difficult for such marketers to sustain in the stiff competition. It is essential to continuously learn, unlearn and re-learn.

In the internet marketing world, never forget the 80-20 rule. You can sell products, advertisement spaces, and create other services, but Affiliate Marketing will help you earn 80% of your income with 20% of your time, money and efforts.

Before we go any further, it is essential to learn three things

a. Making a website is easy, but it doesn’t work unless it attracts traffic
b. Like every other business, Affiliate Marketing too requires an initial investment but lesser infusion as compared to other businesses.
c. Interaction with people and experts is essential.

I. What exactly is Affiliate Marketing

It is a great business model suited well for start-ups. This part covers essentials like:

a. How come Affiliate Marketers make so much money?
b. Why should one get into Affiliate Marketing?
c. Debunking the myths associated with Affiliate Marketing

ii. Planning & Market Research

a. Choosing the right niche: Doing stringent market research will help identify the right target audience. This step is part of the per-planning process and one should make sure that they don’t falter in this step as it can have long-term consequences.

b. Creating a Personal Brand Image: Most entrepreneurs have to work within the constraint matrix of time, money and ideas. It is essential to educate and then identify the right customers to create a niche. Generating leads and their contact information to deliver what is valuable to them and in return we earn.

c. Selecting a Geographical/Demo-graphical Niche:You have to identify if you wish to sell your product or service within a particular geographical area or provide it across geographies, but to a particular type of audience who you think might need the product or service.

d. Keyword Research: The SEO factor is critical for your website to show up in the search results and hence selecting the right keywords is extremely critical. There are quite a few free and paid keyword tools available online. There are three types of keywords – Commercial, Products and Informational.

e. Creating the ‘Ideal Customer’s’ profile: Identify the ideal customer and the reasons they should buy from you. Also highlight the reasons why they shouldn’t buy from you.

iii. Building Your Presence: This step is akin to creating a virtual office; a meeting place for us to liaise with potential customers. Important aspects at this stage include – Building an authority website, creating good content, Blogging, Video Logging, Forum Marketing etc. One can add on to this by also having a strong presence on social media platforms.

iv. Bringing in the Traffic: Once the stage is set, it is imperative to bring in the audience. To do so in the online world, people make use of tools like:

a. Search Engine Optimization
b. Link Building
c. Pay-per-Click Campaigns
d. Paid Banner Advertisements
e. Banner Exchange Programs

v. Building Customer Relations: The traffic has started coming in, but it is critical that they stay back and for that, we need to give them strong reasons to become our long-term customers. In this part, we shall understand topics like Lead Generation, Email Marketing and the steps for creating a successful email campaign, avoiding spam-filters, selling the products and rolling in the profits.

vi. Maximising Sales: The profits have started coming in, but single transactions alone aren’t enough. So we need to find avenues to make the customer stay. We need to Up-sell, Down-sell or Cross-sell.

vii. Conclusion & Further Guidelines: To understand this stage, it will be great if you could join our mailing list.

Blogger Influencer Marketing for Your Business

Word of mouth recommendations have a great impact over a consumer’s mind and it cuts through the marketing clutter quickly and effectively. The digital revolution has signified the role of word of mouth (WOM) as it operates on a one-to-many communication channel nowadays. Online reviews, opinions voiced through discussion forums, social media information sharing, blogging and a lot of online communities are playing a key role in influencing the purchasing decisions of a customer. Hence, business organizations need to focus on devising strategies for generating word of mouth recommendations. Influencer marketing is an innovative method to consider. Here you focus your marketing efforts towards few key leaders who have a clear influence over the potential customers. So, rather than marketing directly to a large audience, you direct the marketing activity to the influencers who further deliver your brand’s message to the desired audience. Businesses may either inspire influencers or hire the services of a brand marketing agency for attracting, engaging and converting the prospects into buyers.

Targeting and engaging with the influencer is not as easy as you think. If you have decided to integrate influencer marketing strategy to your current marketing mix, then it is essential to have a sound understanding about your goals and objectives. Influencer marketing mainly consists of four activities. First of all, you need to identify the right influencer for your brand. Journalists, celebrities, bloggers, professional advisors, industry analysts and activists are some of the many faces of influencers.

Social media marketing and content marketing has a vital role in the influencer marketing strategy. For instance, a person with thousands or lakhs of subscribers on YouTube and a blogger with a large number of followers can be a source of influence. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram marketing are some of the popular forms of social media marketing whereas blogger influencer marketing can be considered as a form of content marketing. You may take advantage of some online tools and techniques to choose the right influencer for your brand. Orienting your marketing efforts before the influencer is the second step. You need to establish a good relation and foster trust with the influencer through online and offline communication. The third step is marketing your business through influencers by increasing the brand awareness among targeted customers. Last but not the least, track the key metrics related to the influencer marketing strategies. But always keep in mind that influencer marketing is a slow and continual process as it requires building strong and sincere relationships with the influencers for long term. If you got it right, then these relationships can provide great returns that yield your brand’s big success.

The Top 4 Colleges in Michigan for Digital Marketing Degrees

Digital Marketing is the increasingly growing field of attempting to market and communicate your product to consumers utilizing various digital platforms, such as social media, blog posting, keyword strategies, AdWords campaigns, and many others. As the world continues to become digitalized, the need for effective Digital Marketers is growing. Several schools throughout the state of Michigan offer programs in the field of internet marketing, but I have chosen what I feel to be the top 4 to summarize below.

  • University of Michigan – Dearborn: Although U of M’s main campus does not offer a degree specific to the field of Digital Marketing, the campus located in Dearborn does. I find this program to be the best offered in the state of Michigan, and have actually seen it referenced as one of the top in the country. This program prepares students for work in the field by providing an assortment of essential tools and strategies needed to success. Many important topics are covered, including Search Engine Optimization, Social Network Marketing, Viral Marketing, Web Analytics, and variety of others. This is a 4 year degree in Dearborn’s School of Business, meaning you must first be accepted into the business school before you can apply. The required curriculum in this program includes the following courses:
  1. MKT 363 – Digital Consumer Search and Marketing
  2. MKT 454 – Marketing Research
  3. MKT 455 – E-tailing and Retailing
  4. MKT 458 – Communications Strategy and New Media
  5. MKT 463 – Digital Analytics and Content
  • Eastern Michigan University: Although no undergrad degree is offered at Eastern Michigan in the field of Internet Marketing, they do have a graduate program specializing in eBusiness. Students must first obtain a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution before they can apply. This program focuses on different aspects of Digital Marketing, eBusiness Strategy, eCommerce Law, and a few others to help prepare students for work out in the digital world. Students participating in this program will be required to take an eCommerce Essentials course, as well as one class on Information Technology and three more partaining to various aspects of Internet Marketing, Technology Management, and eCommerce Accounting before they can graduate.
  • Ferris State University: It’s not a degree, but Ferris State University offers a completely online course specializing in eCommerce Marketing. Students are taught a variety of tools and strategies that will be essential to success in the workforce. Courses offered include Internet Marketing, eBusiness, and Data Management. Required courses to complete this certification include:
  1. ECOM 375: Business to Business eCommerce Marketing
  2. ECOM 383: Business to Consumer eCommerce Marketing
  3. MKTG 321: Principles of Marketing
  4. Either MKTG 383: Direct Marketing or AIMC 375: Business to Business Advertising
  • Western Michigan University: Western Michigan University is another school in the state of Michigan that offers an excellent program in the vast field of eBusiness Marketing. Graduates of this program will be prepared for work in a variety of different Digital Marketing and Online Business. These fields include eCommerce, Social Media Marketing, as well as Webpage and App Development. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate the required curriculum for this program.